Bracket Challenge: Paintballers Division



Nothing gets Jason more upset than some weekend warrior shooting his dirty green shirt with red paint. It really pisses him off. Here is the second and final divsion to be revealed in Week 1 of the Bracket Challenge. Which company exec deserves to be the final paintballer. Place your vote now! Paintballers and Prophets of Doom will have their votes tallied this weekend and results given on Monday.


He just can’t catch a break. When he’s not accidentally shooting   
himself or getting lost, he finds his fellow paintballers seconds too
late as Jason has already given them the ol’ triple decapitation. If
only he had a real gun instead of the paintball gun. Na, it wouldn’t
have mattered anyway.




stan-larryStan and Larry
These guys are so busy arguing about being hungry,
death being their business and being all ass, that they
walk by Jason who is standing right next to them in
broad daylight. They deserved to get the machete.





She did in MR. Commando, weapons and all. Survival really is the
name of the game. Too bad she never had experience in a real
survival situation. I don’t think Jason would gone any easier on
her if she shot him with the paintball gun!




The dumb broad tricked him. Burt never gets shot. Why not get
angry and start chopping a tree with a machete? Burt appears to
be a badass, and possibly the only one of this bunch that could
have given Jason a run for his money. Sadly, he gets his arm
rippped off because he’s too busy pouting about being shot by a
girl. Poor Burt.





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65 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Paintballers Division ”

  1. I’d prefer to just vote for Larry, but if they have to be a package deal, then . . .

    Stan & Larry

    I wonder what it is like for grown adults to be in an F13.

  2. Please vote for Stan nd Larry seperate. I just could not find a picture of the two seperate from one another.

  3. I gotta go with Roy all the way. He stood up to Jason initially, firing paint balls at him. It wasn’t until he realized who he was up against did he run. Besides, those glass could be used to burn Jason the same way a magnifying glass could burn an ant.

  4. I vote for roy because he tried toget shoot everybody but he didn’t

  5. Burt. i love when he says women shouldnt be allowed.. what a pansy but hes hilarious!

  6. I gotta go with Burt.

  7. Roy

  8. Burt

  9. STAN

  10. Roy…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  11. I’m going to go with Katie. Like most of the heroines in the movies, she actually tried to defend herself, even if she just shot him with a paintball. Give the girl some credit!!

  12. Roy.

  13. roy

  14. Yeah Im gonna go with Burt cause he gave Jason the machete! The smile face when he dies was great.

  15. Burt, he was hilarious, one of the more entertaining characters in the movie….and like pmjj said, he gave Jason the machete.

  16. I vote for Roy!!

  17. Roy

  18. I’d have to go with Burt.

    Jason allowed the others to see him before striking. Therefore, in a way, giving them a fighting chance (to run or defend themselves). He took Burt by surprise, as if he knew Burt wouldn’t go down easily and had to take him out quick.

  19. Roy

    He reminds me of Rick Moranis’ character in Ghostbusters. Just that kind of clumsy poor guy. The way he awkwardly runs for cover, tries to reattach a broken branch off a tree, then shoots Jason with the paintball gun.

  20. Roy

    Even though, I think Burt would have actually put up a much better fight, had he had the chance to, but I think I’m going to go for Roy on this one.

    Roy did one thing, that nobody up to this point has ever done. Sure Darren at the beginning tried to shoot Jason with a pistol, but from the shot that they give, it doesn’t look like the bullet ever connected. So Jason had never been shot before, and you can tell he was stunned in his tracks for a few seconds when Roy shot him with a paintball. Yes, first time to be shot, even though it was with a paintball gun. And as a result, Jason gets very pissed off, litterly starts chasing after Roy, and in the end result, cuts off all of Roy’s limbs when he finally catches up to him. My vote goes out to Roy.

  21. Ok, I’ll do it. Katie. She has to be a survivalist to have gotten Roy. Apparently by the way he acted, he’d never been hit before. And lets face it, even the most experienced woodsman stands no chance when Jason drops down right in front of you. There was no time to run for Katie, Stan, and Larry. Katie all the way.

  22. I’m going with Katie on this one. I can’t believe ya’ll would not only go with those guys who were hideous but annoying as well!

  23. Going to go with Burt, simply because of the smiley face, and the fact that Jason gets the machete from him.

  24. I vote for Roy…He did survive the game, but could not survive Jason

  25. Burt. He gave Jason the machete.

  26. roy all the way. did you see his tactical ninja like prancing around the woods? come on.

  27. I love it, whiterob! :)

    You know, I haven’t cast my vote yet. I vote Roy. Stan and Larry walked right by Jason and didn’t notice him, Burt has emotional issues and Katie could be final girl material, but alas Roy had the instinct to shoot Jason right away. And he does have those ninja skills.

  28. Larry

  29. Katie. Burt was good enough to donate the machete…

  30. I am going to vote for Katie.

  31. The Man Watched his Friends Get Beheaded Then Grew a Sack & shot Jason ………With A Paintball Gun HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  32. DOHHHHHHHHH DIdnt put ROY above LOL

  33. I vote for Roy….You gotta feel bad for the guy

  34. katie…but all of these characters a garbage.hated all of these paper thin needless characters.

  35. Katie… I thought she was funny and had potential to be a final girl. Also she didn’t start screaming like all those other annoying bitches who have no way of getting help.

  36. ummmm katie?

    yeah i don’t really care

  37. Burt all the way….

    Roy is just a complete nerd…Stan and Larry look lost…and I don’t think Katie has what it takes, although she would be runner up…GO BURT

  38. I go with Roy…..he shot at jason out of instinct and then tried to get away. Burt deserved to lose his arm and the other two guys reminded me of the Odd Couple…not scary. Katie on the other hand….she gave it her best…but her best wasnt good enough.

  39. Burt, he deserved a fair fight

  40. My vote’s for the “dumb broad” Katie.

  41. I’m going with Larry. I sympathize with his disdain for corporate teambuilding bs. I would want a sandwich too.

  42. Burt

  43. Haha this tournament reminds me of going to an early 80’s WWF show. You got all the matches you didn’t care for out of the way first!

    I never realized how little I cared for the paintballers.

    I can’t believe I’m voting for Burt. Its great how he gets to fill in the smiley face with his blood. And you’d think such a toughguy woulda put up a better fight against Jason. Arlen Escarpeta gave him a better run in the remake!

  44. I’ll vote for Burt. Just like the reasons above, he’d given Jason that really cool utility belt and machete and he got his arm ripped off by Jason.

  45. stan & larry

  46. roy!

  47. Roy simply for doing one thing that most people have never done. He stopped Jason. Jason looked down at the paint and stopped just having the loom of “Are you serious?” That in itself gives him my vote.

  48. Well Katie, She was kicking butt in that one. Let’s face it they all died but she got them all in the first place basically.

  49. strike 1 more up for old Roy Boy that guy didn’t need a friend bitchin’ to him about women and their decietful ways… As far as I’m concerned Roy is the new ROAD WARRIOR

  50. gotta go with Stan and larry.

  51. hey everyone i found this interview and they talk about the remakes sequel thought ud like to read it
    and sad news it wont be in the snow :(

  52. This bracket challenge is actually a tough one.

    But in the end I think I have to vote for: Katie.
    Because all the other paintball guys are just clumsy fools, that couldn’t even beat the one chick in this game. Katie “eliminated” the twins & Burt and would have probably also defeated Roy to win this whole game. She even heard Jason making a noise, before the infamous triple decapitation. If it wasn’t for the twins that distracted her she might have even survived a little bit longer.

  53. I’m gonna vote for Roy just because he was the only one who was able to fire off a shot, albeit a paintball shot, but he took iniative.

  54. i’m not voting (because i’m ratta tatta touille on my work computer and I’ve already voted). I just wanted to jump on and say that although Roy shot Jason, it was the narrow-shouldered beer-gut Jason that wasn’t even played by CJ Graham that he shot. I guess you could say he did ‘kill’ Jason, because when Jason looks down at the paintball splat you can see his narrow shoulders and beer gut, and that’s what got the actor cut from the part. This was the first scene shot for the movie and after veiwing the dailies the producers got CJ instead.

    What is with the music in this scene? I really despise it. I think ole Harry Manfredini really fell down on the job on this movie, much like with Jason X. But, he still rules. The theme for part 1 still runs through my head every day.


  56. Roy, way tougher choice than the prophet of doom category.

  57. I think there are more that are harder to choose than there are easy. Trust me, I have had a hard time picking my favorites while putting this all together.

  58. Tough one! The corporate paintballers was one of the more unique ways to get extra meat in Jason’s path. I’ll probably go with Katie for a silly reason: she makes them wear those headbands (deadbands?). Too bad she didn’t have time to tie hers on.

  59. roy.

  60. I vote Katie.

    This was a real hard one for me. I wasn’t going to do Burt. Roy is funny, and actually got a shot at Jason which was more than anyone else did. And Stan and Larry are hilarious together. I really tussled with giving this vote to Stan and Larry, or between the two, Stan.

    I went with Katie because she had a lot of balls. This was still the mid 80s, give or take, and including women fully into work and out of job but work related activities was still clearly a touchy subject. She had the tenacity to go out into the woods with a bunch of guys she worked with and get involved. Which, as clearly seen with Burt, wasn’t the most welcomed thing for her to be doing. Not only did she get out there and involved, she also won. And, she had the backbone to demand they wear their “dead” headbands to really drive in the victory.

    All of this considered, I give Katie my vote for being brave in participating with gumption in a socially volatile situation.

  61. Roy

  62. roy

  63. Roy

  64. Oooh, tough one. I think I’d have to go with Katie though. Roy was a wuss, Burt was an angry moron and the others were filler kills imo.

  65. I vote Burt because he had the nicest ass and the biggest ****.