Bracket Challenge Round 2: Jason Hunter vs Kid of Friday the 13th

I know that you have seen the bracket that I have been posting throughout the challenge. Each week I added the winner from a specific division and in no specific order. The initial matchups based on the bracket were never meant to be permanent as I had no idea which character would advance to the next round. Now that I know all of the characters, I can arrange them into the proper matchups. This week we have one great big matchup as the second round kicks off with two heayweights of the franchise, which also happen to be the same character. Which Tommy Jarvis should move one step closer to facing off against Jason?

tommypart41Young Tommy already survived Reggie, the Jason Lives brothers, young Tina and little Nancy, but none of those kids ever jammed a machete into Jason Voorhees’s face. After that incident, Tommy delve further into madness. Is he more dangerous than his older counterpart?




Adult Tommy Jarvis was pretty sloppy as he accidentally brought Jason back to life and hence was responsible for a great number of murders. That being said, he did get with the Sheriff’s daughter, lock up a deputy, hang out with Horshack and manage to chain Jason up in a watery grave.

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66 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: Jason Hunter vs Kid of Friday the 13th ”

  1. Young Tommy

  2. “Come on Gordon…. We’re too young for this!”

    Feldman all day!


  3. This is one bracket that i just cannot decide on.

  4. Young Jarvis (Corey Feldman no contest)

    I liked Jason Lives but that Tommy was my least favorite out of the three. Corey was just a better actor even as a kid and really stole the show in one of the series’ most memorable moments.

  5. Definitely young Tommy. Just seeing him hack at Jason’s body, and all you hear is “Die!” over and over is something that’s hard to forget

  6. Young Tommy, he is my all time favorite Friday The 13th character.

  7. Young Tommy !

  8. young tommy

  9. I have to say Young Tommy. I like both, however, when I was young I always identified with Feldman’s character more, so young Tommy.

  10. Adult Tommy!

    He wanted everyone to think that Martin was a Fart head.

    Plus, he had a better strategy than shaving his head and hoping Jason was dumb enough to believe that he was looking at himself as a child…even though it did work.

  11. My vote goes to Young Tommy. His machete attack on Jason is iconic. Older Tommy was kind of a dufus through most of Jason Lives… he brought Jason back to life and got his butt handed to him in the “fight” with Jason.

  12. young tommy,corey feldman.

  13. Young Tommy! Gots to say, the Machete to the dome is Classic!!

  14. young tommy

  15. Young Tommy

  16. yeah,jason lives rocks but little tommy is classic!

  17. young tommy

  18. Young Tommy. Die Die Die!

  19. I’m a big time fan of Jason Lives but young Tommy makes for a more lasting impression.So strike up another vote for young Tommy…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  20. Young Tommy all the way. 10 times more formidable than Adult Tommy.

  21. Young Tommy no question.

  22. Young Jarvis

  23. Young Tommy, I guess.

    Although Teen Tommy did get a face full of Vag in that car ride! ;)

  24. Young Tommy. But I gotta admit Adult Tommy was tough to vote against.

  25. Ugh…

    This is another one that hurts. (like the female lead one that Ginny won)

    Well, I like them both… but…

    I give it to YOUNG TOMMY just because I think it works better story wise!


  26. I will go with young Tommy as well just because he laid the machete on Jason a whole lotta times!

  27. not gonna decide on this one.

  28. The Tommy from A New Beginning gets my vote.

    He’s the one who displayed all the mental anguish.

    Young Tommy is limited as a character and the Tommy in Part 6 just kind of sucked.

  29. Young Tommy - “Some pack of patotsies”

  30. A young Tommy as well, as a young Cory Feldman was much less annoying during his Friday IV/Goonies/Stand By Me/Gremlins/Liscense to Drive hayday before he became a fixture on super shit reality television and the like.

    But I vote for Younger Tommy for several reasons. Aside from The Final Chapter being a superior film for several noteable reasons, as someone else noted, the story of Tommy catching the germ of evil & violence and him oddly saving the day was unique. Plus, the performance just seemed a lot better & well rounded.

    So yeah, young Tommy all the way for the land-slide win. Besides, starting with Parts VI onward, the film’s were bloodless and mostly pretty forgettable Slasher entries that seemed more routine & overly formula then special. I prefer the first five, as I’ve always stated.

  31. Young Tommy all the way!

  32. Geez…this may be the hardest choice yet. I’ll give Part 6 Tommy a vote, just because I know this will be a landslide for young Tommy.

  33. I vote for Young Tommy. Its more interesting to see a kid do so much brutal damage to Jason..rather than an adult chain him underwater.

  34. Young Tommy

  35. Though I enjoy both portrayals of the Tommy Jarvis character both Thom Matthews and Corey Feldman.
    I would have to give my vote to young Jarvis.
    The Final Chapter is my favorite in the franchise, and Feldman’s Jarvis was the first person to take out Jason. who would have expected a child to stop the hockey mask wearing,Machete wielding maniac?

    First time I seen the Final Chapter, I estimate that I was 7 years old. I thought this was the last one (Of the friday movies) but felt bamboozled that It took place after Part 3. Just goes to show you that Paramount should possibly rename the film FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 4:The Final Chapter to avoid confusing the viewer.

  36. And to avoid Confusing the reader of my last statement about the title change. I didnt watch the Fridays in order,Nope when your young and in a video store you just look at the box and what ever looks coolest you pick. Or at least that’s how my brother and I did it.
    As much I can remember this is the order I watched them in.

  37. I guess my vote goes to young Tommy!

  38. Young Tommy

  39. Young Tommy

    Like it was stated, Feldman all the way!

  40. Thom Matthews/adult Tommy

  41. Young Tommy for sure

  42. “jason lives” tommy is the weakest of the three. young tommy all the way


  43. Young Tommy

  44. Yeah, going with Young Tommy too.

  45. adult Tommy from part 6

  46. adult Tommy

  47. Young Tommy. I was about his age when I started watching F13. I could relate to him.

  48. I vote for young tommy

  49. Young Tommy, I never liked Tommy in Part 6

  50. “brutal self-defense murder of a psychopathic killer”


    “dumbass non self-defense resurrection of a psychopathic corpse!”


  51. adult Tommy part 6

  52. adult tommy

  53. Young Tommy. Hacked up Jason with a machete….. this is going to be a landslide.

  54. my vote goes to the Adult Tommy.

  55. Young Tommy. Both are cool, but the only reason older Tommy survived Jason in VI is because Megan was there to give hime CPR.

  56. Adult Tommy because he had the balls to face his mistake and see that Jason was put back in the lake.

  57. adult tommy but this one was a tough one

  58. I vote for Adult Tommy.

  59. Adult Tommy

  60. Well young Tommy killed Jason in part 4 and it looks like he will be getting closer to doing it again in this bracket challenge…i actually thought this would have been close…

  61. adult tommy

  62. Jason Lives Tommy is getting more love towards the end here. Awesome. Even though I voted for Corey Feldman, I still think this is a tough call to make. There are going to be some harder matchups on the way.

  63. Young, I guess. Tough call.

  64. Adult tommy he was deranged and took the fight to jason. plus that movie rocked

  65. Young Tommy!

  66. Young Tommy (Corey Feldman) by a mile!!! Frankly, I thought the franchise took a huge nose dive with the onset of Part VI, as the writers started to incorporate silly comical elements (which resembled the turn that the “Nightmare on Elm Street took post part II)to compensate for the lack of a storyline. If that weren’t bad enough, I think that Thom Matthews performance is the WORST as a Friday The 13th leading man EVER. I don’t know if the guy had a lisp, or it was just some horrible accent, but I thought it was the single worst miscast role in the history of the franchise. There might have been worst roles/actors, but he was playing a pivotal role in that of Tommy Jarvis. After watching Thom play that character, I see why the franchise nixed the idea of bringing that character back…….for fear that he might end up reprising the role.

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