Bracket Challenge Round 2: World of Mrs. Voorhees vs Mother of Friday the 13th

So here we are. Mother versus mother. Can our favorite mother of a pyscho beat our favorite mother of Tommy Jarvis? I think this could be a bit lopsided, but lets see who everyone wants to move on to the next round.

Mrs. Voorhees (Friday the 13th 1980)
Both of the characters in this matchup have one thing in common, they would do anything to protect their son. One difference is that Mrs. Voorhees kills for her son …… and he’s dead. Oh yea, she also talks like she is Jason as well. What a weirdo!




mrsjarvisMrs. Jarvis (The Final Chapter)
She was very wise and even warned her Tommy about Jason. She told him to lock the door in case some psycho decided to wonder in. Unfortunately, her prediction came true and she met her demise offscreen. Could she take Mrs. Voorhees one on one? If Alice could, why not Mrs. Jarvis?

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59 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: World of Mrs. Voorhees vs Mother of Friday the 13th ”

  1. Mrs Pamela Voorhees

  2. Mrs.Voorhees

  3. Really? Does it even need to have the votes counted? Mrs. Voorhees in a landslide.

  4. I want Mr Voorhees. Look to the next round Young Jason vs.Street Trash. I see Jason getting through and facing his Psycho bitch of a mom.

    And then when Jason wins that, Ginny is gonna beat out Ali to set up the next match-up I am really looking forward to….lovable Ginny! I heart you Ginny!

    Am I thinking this too deeply Mr Fury?

    Think about a final showdown of most popular character to end it….Ginny vs. Young Tommy. Geeze that’s a toughie.

  5. Mrs. Voorhees

  6. i’ll vote mrs Jarvis.

    I feel kinda bad for her. if you take the lost ending to tfc to heart, she was dragged out of the rain into her house and all the way up the stairs by Ted White hulking Jason, then forced to wait in terror as the bathtub filled, then drowned. Pretty awful.

  7. She drew first blood… end of story ;)


  8. Mrs v easy!

  9. Mrs. Voorhees without an arguement

  10. Mrs. Voorhees

  11. gotta go with mrs voorhees

  12. Mrs. Voorhees, no doubt.

  13. UHM…uhm…maybe…Mrs Voorhees of course…

  14. Mrs. Voorhees… obviously.

  15. mrs.voorhees,betsy palmer !!!!

  16. Mrs. Vorhees. No expanation needed.

  17. Make that “explanation”. Sheesh.

  18. As tragic as Mrs. Jarvis’ death was I have to go with Mrs. Voorhees. She started it all.

  19. MRs. Voorhees

  20. Mrs. Voorhees

  21. Poor Mrs. Jarvis. Doesn’t stand a chance with this one! Pamela Voorhees is near and dear to every F13 fan’s heart! Mama Voorhees is the easy winner here, and definitely gets my vote.

  22. Easiest bracket challenge ever.Mrs Voorhees……….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  23. Mrs. Vorhees.

  24. Mrs Voorhees! without her there would be no Jason!

  25. Mrs Voorhees!!

  26. Mrs. V

    Kill ‘em mommy!

  27. Mrs. Voorhees (Friday the 13th 1980)

  28. Mrs. Voorhees “look what you did to HIM!”

  29. I vote for Mrs Voorhees, maybe Mrs. Jarvis could kick Pamelas ass figuring She stays in shape and jogs and all. But then again killing counslers might be good exercise I dunno. Mrs. Voorhees gets my vote though..She rules, She started it all….and was just purely insane. As for Mrs Jarvis, Shes the hottest MILF in the series. Shed get my vote for that.

  30. I know that this will end up being a landslide, but I have to let everyone vote on it. Trust me, Friday, you will like bracket challenge to be voted on.

    I vote Mrs. Voorhees, btw!

  31. betsy

  32. “Kill her mommy, Kill her….” Pamela all the way.

  33. PAMELA

  34. Mrs Voorhees without a doubt

  35. Mrs. Voorhees !!!!

  36. Mrs. Voorhees gets my vote without a doubt

  37. Mrs Voorhees

    Even though I love part 4 much more than the original, she is the original and the first.

  38. Mrs . Vorhees, i guess even though i am torn.

  39. Hey JasonFury - here’s a great bracket idea “The Dogs of F13.” There’s Muffin from Part 2, Gordon from Part 4 - there are a few others - just an idea.

  40. Next to Jason himself, nobody has been more influential to the series and its direction and atmosphere than Pamela. I vote Mrs. Voorhees!

  41. These are very one-sided polls…

  42. mrs. voorhees!

  43. “Well…I’m Mrs Voorhees; an old friend of the Christies…. Ít’s just this place and the storm that’s why you’re upset…Alright, I’ll go look…I’m not afraid.”
    I hoper you put in all of the appropriate inflection. Mrs Voorhees rules!!

  44. Mrs Voorhees :)

  45. Yeah. I didn’t like Mrs. Jarvis too much anyway. Hate that they didn’t show her death.

    But come on, OF COURSE Mrs. Voorhees will win this round. She might take the whole bracket!

  46. Mrs Voorhees

  47. Jarvis

  48. I think its safe to say MRS. VOORHEES….SHE GETS MY VOTE

  49. looks like jason isn’t the only voorhees killing mrs jarvis

  50. Well this is an easy choice. Mrs. Voorhees is easily one of the more recognizable horror mothers of all time. Plus she had an awesome death scene. Go Mrs. V.

  51. Good call, Rocky. I always thought that maybe Mrs. Jarvis would have seen one of the kids get killed and she just bailed. “I didn’t want custody of the kids anyway. I’m going to start a new life!” Not really, but it would have been a unique concept and a sure-fire death sentence. Everyone with ulterior motives or plotting for butt-holery.

  52. Spartan-099 Nov 10th, 2009 at 12:48 am

    These are very one-sided polls…

    Agreed. I used to vote in all the bracket challenges but some of them i dont even try.

  53. “Agreed. I used to vote in all the bracket challenges but some of them i dont even try.”

    Your fellow fans vote on these and if they all like one character, not much we can do about that. ;) Some of these matchups are going to be like this, but if you look at what’s coming up in the end, you know the final battles will be pretty good. It is all about finding THE fan favorite character!

  54. I have to say, without a doubt, my vote is for Pamela!

    She kicks ass. She kills just as many people in Part 1 as Jason usually does per movie. And she has the creepy factor of being a Mother upset that her child was allowed to drown.

    Tommy’s Mother is nice. She tries to be a hip Mom and I give her credit for that. Watched the alternative ending to Part 4 (Far creepier to me.)

  55. Mrs. Voorhees………The wicked always prevails

  56. Mrs. Jarvis, i like the underdog

  57. Wow. I just saw the alternate ending of Final Chapter. Coming from someone who has found a parent dead, it hit all to close to home for me. That movie would probably be my favorite due to that fact if they left that ending. I would have probably voted for Mrs. Jarvis. But alas, that’s the alternate world and I stick by Pamela.

  58. Mrs Voorhees

  59. mrs voorhees rules!

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