New Friday

New Jason Betting Pool

Right here, right now, I’m calling out New Jason’s appearance. And if you think I’m being cocky just to rile you up into throwing your own guesses into the pool… well, you know me too well.
Let’s see. In the original series, Jason only ended up in dark clothing because he raided a washing line (as [...]

First Set Report

Fangoria have a nice set-visit up online, no pictures (oh, of course) but it’s a great read and far from that “look how cool wez are for visited the set ROFLMAO!” set report I read elsewhere a month ago. Hey, don’t you call me snarky - even Fango royally owned those guys by calling First [...]

New Friday The 13th Set Photos

Some set photos have popped up at the excellent SF Universe, thanks to ‘dragoncomet’. Nothing spoilery, but gives a decent pictorial idea of how the shoot is set up. Below is the first photo of Jared Padalecki, the rest follow.

Young Jason Voorhees Revealed!

Platinum Dunes have announced their latest addition to FRIDAY THE 13TH. Newcomer Caleb Guss spent a few days on set in heavy makeup to portray the young Jason Voorhees in flashback sequences for the movie, currently being filmed by Marcus Nispel in Austin, Texas. Producer Brad Fuller also referenced a scene where Travis Van Winkle [...]

Platinum Dunes reveals first photo from Friday the 13th!

If you hop over to the official Platinum Dunes website as hosted by bloody-disgusting, you will be treated to the first released “behind the scenes” picture from the upcoming Friday the 13th! The photo features Friday the 13th producers Adrew Form and Brad Fuller taking a leaner on the police car of one of Crystal [...]

Cast News & Clarification

An official statement on Amanda Righetti courtesy of Christian Sellers:
There has been speculation that Amanda Righetti has dropped out of the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake and replaced by actress Danielle Panabaker. This is simply not true. I would also like to address the misconception that Amanda is not the true female lead of the film. [...]

Mrs Voorhees Was A Terrific Killer

My only real beef with the new Friday is that it’s gonna mess up the trivia scene in Scream. You know the one, where the killer tricks Casey Becker by asking who the killer was in Friday the 13th. Naturally she answers “Jason” but the killer correctly points out that Jason’s mother Mrs Voorhees was [...]

New Cast & FX Details

One week to go till shooting starts, so expect lots of quick-hit updates…
Amanda out as lead, Danielle in - plus character details - from Digital Spy:
[Danielle] Panabaker, who plays James Woods’s daughter in CBS show Shark, will take the role previously slated for Amanda Righetti. Her character is described as the adventurous, athletic girlfriend of [...]

My Face Is Up Here, Pervert

According to some guy at BD (it’s always some guy), a hot chick named Willa Ford has been cast in the new Friday The 13th. She’s also the wife of a hockey player… hmm, if it weren’t two weeks after April 1st I’d give kudos to such a subtle joke like that.

More Cabin Meat

I’ve not included pictures (hit up the IMDB links) because we all know it doesn’t matter what Jason’s victims look like alive, it’s how they look dead (or naked, or dead and naked) that counts. Ch-Ch-Ch Muahaha. Source BD:
21-year-old Danielle Panabaker (Mr. Brooks, Sky High), Aaron Yoo (Disturbia, 21) and Travis Van Winkle (Transformers, [...]