Site Email Accounts

Just a quick reminder to our readers that we have had a very popular Friday The 13th Email Service available for several years now. It’s completely free, and we have thousands of active users. I check regularly for any service downtime and have the ability to mass-email anything super-duper important. You can easily sign up [...]

More Memories of

After the excellent article by jasonsfury I wiped away the nostalgia-fueled tears and decided to do a follow-up on the history of this awesome site I get to run.

Trip Down Memory Lane For

Does anyone remember when this website was I remember. Brenna and Blake had to go through a big change to a new domain. I don’t remember why. If anyone knows, please shed some light on the situation. Anyways, I ran across an article from 2006 that interviewed Blake and Brenna about the series and [...] On MySpace On MySpace

If you guys use MySpace, be sure to add us: MySpace for Friday The 13th: The Website

News & Blog Posters Wanted

News & Blog Posters Wanted

It’s long overdue, but the doors are open again to add new blog accounts here at As of late it’s been me (John) and Tony handling everything, and we can only do so much. There is about to be an absolute explosion of all things Jason, so we want to bring more posters on [...]

Tech Issues

Something went down and the site rolled back to its week or so ago state, a restore is being worked on.
Update Dec 16: OK, I’ve got word I can continue updating the site. The older posts will be shoehorned at a later date in the near future.

Friday The 13th Email Accounts

Friday The 13th Email Accounts

Now that the email system is working 100% again I thought I’d take some time to speak about it. For years now this site has offered a free email box - you can easily sign up and login via the main page of the website. It’s no replacement for the awesomeness of Gmail, but [...]

Email Service Down - FIXED

Our free email addresses have been down with some tech difficulties. If you’re one of the many users of this service, please use an alternative mailbox until further notice. It’s very rare that problems occur with the mailbox but I am working to fix the issue. I will update this post as I receive [...]

Friday The 13th: The Website v3.1

Friday The 13th: The Website v3.1

If you have the time, check out the new main page of It now integrates posts and comments from here. There are a few tech issues I am working on (namely broken links with pre-existing site content) but they’ll be sorted out by the end of the weekend (if I don’t get too caught [...]