Friday the 13th Blu Ray and DVD (theatrical and “Killer Cut”) USA cover art + features

Dusk has already shown you the cover art for the UK release of Friday the 13th. Now, check out this ad for the upcoming US release of the DVD featuring a listing of all of the special features included on the theatrical and uncut DVD/Blu Ray releases

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Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand. You will also find me over at my site Feel free to drop me a line at

56 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Blu Ray and DVD (theatrical and “Killer Cut”) USA cover art + features ”

  1. Awesome cover art, but the Killer Cut slash across the cover is REALLY distracting, especially on the DVD version. Ah well, I was planning on getting the R-Rated cut anyways.

  2. I like how they advertise: Hot and sexy cast! Is that really one of the selling points.

  3. I’m excited to get the extended edition and the digital copy and Friday the 13th (1980) retrospective in HD on Blu-Ray. Blu is definitely better!

  4. Told ya it was coming in June. :)
    Sounds awesome.

  5. Blu-ray will be mine!

  6. OMG…People this is what you wanted and fucking still complaining over some bullshit slash mark across a damn box? Just be happy for once that they did bring the unrated verion.

  7. Does the killer cut include the theatrical version as well, or is it like Zombie’s Halloween dvd?

  8. It contains both versions according to the flyer

  9. cant wait for this to come out….loved the remake and cant wait for the sequel

  10. the blu-ray will have both versions but you’ll have to buy both dvds versions separatly which sucks so i’m getting the blu-ray to save money

  11. Cant WAIT for that Blu Ray Baby and ill get DVD also

  12. looks fucking sweeeet!!! good job on the cover art! for once i have no complaints!! i’m so freaking psyched to get the BD!!

    anybody know what the ‘order due date’ thing is? if that’s the date to order it to receive it by june 16th, you can pre-order it on amazon anytime with rush shipment and get it on the 16th. although i think i’d rather just stop by target on my way home from work and not worry about a ridiculous shipping cost.

    i’m so glad they didn’t put anything about texas chainsaw massacre on the cover. right on!

  13. Nice, but I notice many always refer to here and say “the U.S. release” or “U.S. cover”. That is fine and all, but you chould also just say North American version, as it refers to all of the U.S., good ol’ Canada and med-i-cho (Mexico). ;) All of North American covers are the same, as we’re all region-1. Don’t know of many that are foreign to North American soil know that. It’s why all English language features mostly have Espanol (Spanish) and Francis (French) language tracks and subtitles, for the most part, cause of Mexico and the always interesting Quebec.

    Sorry but just wanted to clear that up, as I was always wondering if anyone imported our stuff and didn’t know that all of North American titles out on DVD are the same, and why we have Spanish & French audio tracks. I made mention cause I have Asperger’s Syndrome, and I am studying the French language, and I have been asked before about region-1 titles before. Hope that all helps clear up the whole U.S. thing. :)

  14. Oops, ment to say Francais up there. My mistake. *grin*

  15. cant wait to get my hands on a copy, hey every one, the teaser trailer for Rob Zombies HALLOWEEN 2 comes out tonight with crank 2, and there is a sneekpeek at HALLOWEENMOVIES.COM from entertainment tonight, check it out it looks like it will be an awesome flick, really anticipated for sure.

  16. wow. some special fetchers for only blu ray
    this fan is seriously pissed.

  17. So lemme get this straight. Is the DVD copy going to have BOTH theatrical and uncut versions ON THE SAME DISC SET? Or will you have to buy both theatrical and uncut versions on two seperate discs? That’s nothing but a money grabbing scheme, I hate it when they do that, like what happened with Rob Zombie’s Halloween dvd release.

  18. I think it will have both versions on one disc. If that’s the case then it will definite be worth buying. The only thing that sucks is, that the other special features will be available on Blu-Ray only. That sucks so much. But who knows it may be crappy or short. I’m hoping they have a full documentary on the rebirth of Jason, kind of like what they did when they released The Texas Chainsaw Massacre special edition. I can’t wait for the 16th! Also June 16th is the release of parts 4, 5 and 6. Having debates on if I should buy the others. I was kind of disappointed that they did not have any special features for part 3.

  19. Yay! Unrated Killing from Jason!

  20. How do you post your own from scratch?

  21. Just to clear things up:
    There will be two different DVD version, the theatrical one and the uncut one. Both are separate edition. But those two versions are gonna be included on the same blu-Ray (yeah!).

    And captain_brandon1980, nice to see someone who is interested in learning french, i’m from the, has you say , always interesting Quebec and speak french, but still have to watch my old Jason in english :)

    Jason pour toujours !!!

  22. Would look cooler if the blu-ray version’s close up of Jason had the eyes blacked out.[y’know like he used to look in the 80’s.

  23. what the fuck now i have to buy the blu ray to get the features and i only hav on blu ray player in the house which is in the living room where my fat lazy mom hogs the tv so i hav to buy the dvd as well. This bites >:(

  24. Hey there Mr Moe.How’dya say Jason fucking rule’s in french?I’m only asking cos i’m taking my famiy to Disneyland in Paris this coming July and it would cool know something apart from the usual tourist lingo.

  25. To Mr. Moe,

    Why merci bien! :D Oui, have always thought the French language was beautiful, and don’t wanna say much, but it is my dream to retire in a French city (such as Lyon and the like, or Nice in the more expensive south) one day. [an affordable studio apartment with just the loner that is myself, once day when I am older is what I ahve planned.] I’m currently saving up quietly, even though I’m still in my mid ’20s, as I say this.

    I make monthly bulk orders from Amazon, and I’ve decided to step up my French film buying monthly, as well as purchase some books from Barnes & Noble and Waldens and to eventually join a language center’s classes, in order to fully immerse myself. Untill then, I’m usign the movies subtitled, and always concentrating to learn more then just travel phrases.

    Wish me good luck! (bonne chance) :D

    Also that is cool that you use the English language tracks, but if that ever tires you, I wanted to say I have all of the Friday’s from the old barebones Paramount discs, to the ‘04 bullshit “ultimate edition” boxset and all of the recent Deluxe Edition’s I’m re-buying (big completeist here), and they all thankfully have French language tracks if you ever wanted to watch & listen to them in your native tongue. I started re-watching them all in French earlier this year, and must say, it is a unique experieance in helping me learn! Plus interesting to hear what native French speakers always heard, voice, tone & accent wise, when watching the original Paramount released films in they’re county. And cause I know the first 8 Paramount films by heart, I really don’t need the subtitles that is included on the discs.

    The French accents on the doomed teens who take up a newly rented home right next door to the Jarvis family in The Final Chapter sound uniquely poetic, and hearing all of the harsh language from the French track on A New Beginning (Part V) is really helping me on my French swears. ;)

    Just a little tip thee for those of us interested in the serious study of foreign languages. Hope no one thought it was too off-topic.

    Oh and to Baz:

    It should be “Jason putain regles!” like that (with an accent mark on that first e in ‘regles’. Hope that helps! Enjoy your little holiday.

  26. to Captain_ brandon 1980

    not hating or anything but Jesus Christ! For a blog ur entries are way to frickin long. And what the heck of a tangent are u going on now with this french stuff???

  27. damn this cover art looks fuckin great.

    no complaints should be heard about this dvd and blu-ray.

    can’t wait to cop this on day one!!!

  28. BigTdoe,

    Whoa, calm down. It is a Blog, and we’re all allowed un-limted space for postings. Hell, you chould post just as much, or more, if you wished. I was replying to a Quebec poster who thanked me for currently studying the French language. If you had read it right, no offence, you would have gotten that. Plus, baz requested to know how to say “Jason fucking rules” in French, and I told him.

    With me now much larger work scheduale with working over time and not posting as much, my occasionally postings shouldn’t be getting on your nerves THAT bad, I’m sorry to say. Hope this didn’t come off too smart eleky, as I’ve had a slight bummer of a day.

  29. Bonjour Captain Brandon1980.Thanks for the reply dude.Don’t let Big Tdoe get you down.For someone who thinks your entries are too long he still must take the time to read them…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  30. captain_brandon 1980 & baz

    I wasnt getting angry, u guys cant take constructive criticism lol

    Like I said Im not hating & dont get ur Ms. Voorhees panties in a bunch! I just said ur postings are enormously long & always seem to get off on tangents.

    ps baz I really dont read them cuz I usually scan through everyones comments as everyone does, but when I see one that is like a page long I say to myself “I’m not reading a biography” Im sure 90% of people would agree with me.

    just being honest

  31. travis, worry not my friend…you don’t have to also buy the dvd. i too only have one blu-ray player & the digital copy is the solution.

    digital copies are in 480p resolution, same as dvd. you can drop the file on your computer and burn it to a dvd pretty easily. depending on what the file type is you may have to download some software to do it, but you can usually get a free trial or something.

    just make sure you use dvd-r rather than dvd+r - or check your dvd player’s manual to make sure it can play whatever kind of disc you burn it to.

  32. First thanks baz. And as to BigTdoe, that was a pretty stupid reply with kid shit about “don’t get your panties all in a bunch”, so just ignore any & all of my future posts here, if they truely get on your nerves. You chould also explore the IMDB Friday boards, as there’s plenty of shorter replies for you to bask in otehr there. ;) Mean while, I doubt many would agree since your the first to complain.

    Peace out.

  33. who gives a crap…losers

  34. Joe, c’mon now, don’t YOU start in dude. I used to enjoy comin’ here, but now I’m gonna have to stop it seem’s if everyone is gonna be ignorant as all fuck. Like the time I made mention of my up-converter home theatre system making the Deluxe Edition’s looking fine enough so that I don’t really care about buying the BluRay’s anytime soon, it seem’s the few times I post over the last two 1/2 months always stirs up some mild shit here.

    It’s fine, I’ll just read the site & won’t post. Didn’t know about the types here who don’t like reading my stuff. Peace out, boys & ghouls.

  35. I’ll get the DVD unrated version, hated that stupid close up cover art… don’t really care about the special features, just the uncensored movie, not that it’s going to improve much over that mess of a remake anyways.

  36. Héhé won’t post too long since it seems to irritate some people :)

    Captain, I too own the version with the french track, but since I prefer to watch it in the original track I watch them in english, I’m not watching many french stuff these days :)

    To Baz, you can say ‘Jason est le meilleur’ but since you’re going to Paris say ‘Jason c’est la bombe’. kind of an expression over there.

    Now back on topic, does anyone know if the scene where Jason is sharpening his machete will be featured on the killer cut version? Let’s hope so !

  37. This is going to be one bad ass Blu-Ray disc. I can’t wait for it. I’m going to watch both versions of the film back to back. I’m going to re-watch the theatrical cut, and then the extended edition (with the extra 15 minutes). Then I’m going to watch every special feature there is. Man, this Blu-Ray is going to be good!

  38. Where do you get the extra 15 minutes from? The small print says that the theatrical version is 97 min and the extended version is 106 min, Thats only 9 extra minute’s not 15. Am I missing something? Can’t wait for the release!!!!

  39. fucked us again

  40. and captain brandon once again i agree with u in every way some of theses ppl are dicks

  41. Jason should talk sometimes. Not, like a lot, but like, “I’m gonna git you, bitch!” or something, just once or twice per movie. Or like, “C’mere, fucker!” Just scary as hell. It’s so stupid how he doesn’t talk.

  42. Haha, I don’t wanna start nothin’, but thanks for the support, T.

  43. captain b ur welcome lol……and timmy iv never got why he didnt talk like in the older ones he moaned and stuff but idk what happen lol idk i he should say all that then it would make him more like freddy or chucky

  44. In the opening sequence of Jason Goes To Hell, I like the fact the filmmakers had Kane grunting and making some sounds. Made the character more real. I wouldn’t like if Jason had lines in the movie though. Just wouldn’t feel right. If you want to see the franchise “debacled” by Jason talking, then reference the end of Jason Takes Manhattan. Truly Awful.

  45. I wish the covers were the same. Blue Ray is trying to replace DVDs too soon in my opinion. I feel like movies cost as much as videogames now. If I had a PS3… wouldn’t be so bad.

  46. Yeah, but once in a while he shoud be like, “Bitch I’m gonna pull your heart out of your mouth!” Just say it all crazy while running throught the forrest. He can do it. He’s punched a hole through people.

  47. A little off topic but has anyone seen the replica hockey mask (2009) made by NECA that thing is pretty fuckin nice. It says they are very limited just wanted to throw that out there.

  48. You know…readin gall the comments on here everyday. It’s kinda like middle school boys looking at porn for the first time. Be happy they done as much as they could because June is still 2 months away.

  49. “In the opening sequence of Jason Goes To Hell, I like the fact the filmmakers had Kane grunting and making some sounds. Made the character more real. I wouldn’t like if Jason had lines in the movie though. Just wouldn’t feel right. If you want to see the franchise “debacled” by Jason talking, then reference the end of Jason Takes Manhattan. Truly Awful.”

    I so agree. He did grunt in Part 2 (kick to the groin from Ginny, plus the monsterous howling like noise right at the very end as Warrington the liar swings in on that harness to grab Amy Steel, ect), plus in Part 3 (right hand stab through from Chris) and also of course as Trish hits in him The Final Chapter while there is an almost rape-like scenario going on, and during his death moans from the death blow Tommy delivers to him.

    So yeah, I’m all for moaning. In my mind the character is amute from all of the trauma he’s had over the years and that he’s commited to people, but I like it when the human Jason from Parts 2-to-4 still had him cry out from severe pain. Indeed it’s only human.

  50. I gotta agree with the captain and jasonsfury here on the grunting and moaning issue.Jason on the surface appears to be an uneducated,backwater hick and wouldn’t have the mental capacity to say “witty”,Freddy esque wisecracks.This is the very reason that the Freddy character ceased to be scary and became very camp.

    Bonjour Mr Moe.Thanks for the french phrase tips.captain brandon1980 and your good self’s advice should prove useful this summer.Genuniely grateful guys.

  51. No commentaries?

  52. I think Jason should just stay silent. Sure he can make a noise from time to time, but anything more then that would just lead to him turning into another Freddy.

  53. Jason wasn’t meant to speak at all. He’s a silent killer. He’s horribly disfigured, he never went to school as a child. The only person he knew was his mother. Of course he went to summer camp but the kids were dicks to him and caused him to drown. I wouldn’t bother talking to any of those little fuckers if they were doing the stuff they did to Jason. I can understand why Jason has the strong desire to kill and he does that in full balls out glory. One thing I’m hoping the DVD will be when it comes out is bloody as hell, very gory. The producers mentioned the movies was gory but that gore was cut out because of the wimps at MPAA.

  54. Looking forward to release, in spite of my not loving the reboot, but I much prefer the cover of the DVD over the blu-ray.

    Although seeing it in blu-ray will be sweet!

    I look forward to finally being able to get Part 2 and Part 3 on b-r. Sweeter!

  55. Bonjour Mr Moe.Thanks for the french phrase tips.captain brandon1980 and your good self’s advice should prove useful this summer.Genuniely grateful guys.”

    oh ya welcome :) Although interesting to note, I agree somewhat with his rual looking nature in Part 2, with his baggy denium jean over alls and flannel shirt under neath it. But I’ve often had to tell others, not form the Yankee & Canuck land that is thie North American continant, that, depending on the film makers asked, the films were always ment to take place in the North East in “New England territory” as it’s called.

    Namely either New Jersey (first film was shot there, and dispite being shot out on the west coast in Sawgus, California there is a general store sign with Green Valley, NJ written on it in Part 3-D), or Connecticut (I think it was the old Pit of intrerviews from ’round 2000 or ‘99 in which Joseph Zito said when helming Part IV, he requested Connecticut lisences plates and also a real tombstone made of hard marbel for the Mrs. Voorhees gravesite, as he noted on his Prowler commentary track). The region isn’t really known for it’s rural counties, although there most certainly are rural countries in those states, just as it is anyway. It’s mostly considered surburbanite, as opposed to here in the south, where we have our own cities though are largely considered rural as well.

    Okay rant over, and hope that helped a bit! And for sure, too much talking ruined Freddy, but to be quite honest, after the first two dark films in the series, I was honestly never the biggest Freddy fanatic out there. Pretty sub-par series, on average, as a lot of them simply don’t hold p over time in my eyes. To each they’re own.

  56. he was retarded so i dont think he would even know how to cuss and say things like that im sure his mom sheltered him but he should moan other wise he just seems like a robot or something he is human he did before he should again and i also (once again lol) agree with u captain b all that talking and wise cracking diff ruin freddy i have the box set i watched all of the movies maybe 3-4 times now hes old news iv watched my f13th movies well over 10 times per movie and its still as fresh as ever

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