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 Post subject: On Elm Street
PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2011 7:48 pm 
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I strolled down Elm Street where shadows worked brazenly.
Darkness killed him publicly; uncountable to the people.
Looking within I can't fathom the pit our world was plunged into.
My family still remembers what happened there, and where they were on that day.

Justice nowhere to be found, the demons rushed in and continue to feed off the silence of the fearful.
Fresh Hells abound, terrorizing the public into a catatonic state.

Innocence died, and we trusted them to catch the monster.
Something must be done.
We've been lied to 'for our safety' so long that many forget the truth.
And those who remember are fearful for their jobs, even their lives, if they speak out.

Citizens call out 911, but those in charge refuse to investigate.
The families of the victims seek the truth; while the town seeks to ignore the the problem.
We're told they don't want to talk about it anymore; but honestly they're looking for someone to listen.

We're told he's dead now, but no body is offered as proof.
He had a special burial the public wasn't allowed to see.
We're told things are better now; and to stop asking so many questions.
They threaten those who persist; that they'll be carted off to Westin.
There are many designations, names they give to those who seek the truth.

Our world continues to die, for the monster still lives.
Our fortunes still perish; bled dry by a an all-consuming paper beast.
Our neighbors still fearful, hoping we won't be struck again.
Our citizens still huddled; refusing to wake up and unable to live the American Dream.

The police hardly tell us what they know; but continue to search us just the same.
They say their job is to protect us; but no security they implement has stopped the wraith.
And we gather and chant our patriotic mantras as if we can prevent his manifesting with our collective paranoia.
The demon sneaks out the backdoor; we're too concerned with policing each other.

He laughs, the demons laughs.
The public silent, confused, and chained.
He walks, the demon is untethered.
His steel claws rake through the flames; but fire does not melt steel.
Society's structure falling without resistance, free-falling into corruption and fear.

And the sickest part of it all, that delights the demon all day, is that if we'd only face him we'd take all his power away.

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