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Travis Van Winkle Talks Friday & Its’ Fans

Posted 09 Oct 2008 in New Fridays

There’s an interesting article over at AMC - an interview with one of the stars of the New Friday, Travis Van Winkle. In a refreshing twist, the interviewer seemed to know that asking for details/spoilers would have been a dead end - the same dead end over horror journos keep ploughing. Instead, he spoke with the actor about the Friday fanbase - that means you guys. At one time, Jason might have belonged to his momma, but now he belongs to his fans. Perhaps that’s why the folks who usually roll their eyes at remakes are running hot for the new Friday the 13th coming out in February. That includes Travis Van Winkle, one of the movie’s stars. He...

Whip out your hocks! (Updated 11/3 with new pics!)

Posted 08 Oct 2008 in The Saga

It’s that time of the year. I think most of us will agree that the Halloween season is our favorite. Not only is it a great time to pop in your favorite horror flicks (but then again…what time of the year isn’t a good time for that), it’s also a great time to start piecing together your costumes. One would be safe to assume that a big majority of our readers will (or have) donned a Jason costume. So let’s see ‘em! We want to encourage our readers to “Whip out their hocks!” Go ahead and send me your pictures of you wearing your Jason costume for this upcoming Halloween season and I will update this posting with pics...

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